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Libya: MI6, Turkish Intelligence and the UN-backed Government of Accord Bringing 6,000 Terrorists from Syria’s Idlib to Tripoli and Misrata

The spokesman for the former General People’s Committee, Moussa Ibrahim, said that there are knowledgeable sources confirming the existence of tripartite coordination between the British intelligence (MI6), Turkish intelligence (MİT), and the government of the internationally-backed government of accord, to transfer about 6,000 multinational terrorists from the Syrian city of Idlib to Misrata and Tripoli through the international airports of Misrata and Mitiga.

In his blog post on the social networking site “Facebook”, Ibrahim added that this coordination comes in anticipation of the sweeping attack expected by the Syrian army to liberate Idlib, in addition to bringing Libya into the spiral of new Islamist terrorism, and to confront the inevitable result of the victory of the forces Dignity, the defeat of the Akwanji-Turkish-British project in the region.

On April 4, Khalifa Haftar announced the launch of an operation to “liberate” the capital Tripoli from the grip of “militias and armed groups”, in conjunction with the announcement by the UN envoy in Libya of the convening of the national gathering of the whole, between 14-16 last April in the city of Ghadames.

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States called on all Libyan parties to exercise restraint and to reduce the situation of escalation in the field resulting from the recent military moves in the western regions of the country, and to abide by the political process as the only way to end the crisis in Libya and return to dialogue Aimed at achieving a purely national settlement to take the country out of the crisis it is experiencing.

Libya has been undergoing a continuing military political crisis since 2011, when two parties, the internationally-backed government of Concord, led by the winner of Al-Saraj, and the second party, the interim government of eastern Libya, supported by the Council of Representatives in the city of Tobruk, are currently fighting power.

Source: https://libya360.wordpress.com/2019/05/06/libya-mi6-turkish-intelligence-and-the-un-backed-government-of-accord-bringing-terrorists-from-syrias-idlib-to-tripoli-and-misrata/

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