Coronavirus was created by the USA to sink China, Italy is place to a social experiment.

The system has been making us stupid with Coronavirus for a long time, they talk to you about various stupid things, bats, snakes, created in China, etc …

but someone does not believe it: with documents in hand he gives evidence that the Coronavirus was created by the USA to destroy China.

Why years ago even literature and cinema produced novels and films in which there was talk of a pandemic that started right from China?

Why official NATO documents identify China as the enemy of the future?

Why in the same documents we talk about innovative weapons, selective viruses, capable of infecting some populations and others not?

Why do we speak openly of studying the effects not of the epidemic but of studying the “social” effects on the population? That is, how does the population react to prohibitions, limitations, deprivation of freedom?

Why did Attali, a well-known “benefactor”, openly say that there is a need for a small global epidemic to create a global world government?

here is an interesting video:

Coronavirus: astounding coincidences

Published: 26 February 2020

Roberto Quaglia takes point of the situation on the coronavirus, after a week in Italy where nothing else is talked about.

source Pandora TV

original in italian with video:


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