One other RAT is gone: Mahmoud Jibril died in Egypt after contracting the coronavirus.

One of the first traitors of the Libyan people in 2011,Jibril served as the country’s interim Prime Minister for seven and a half months from March to October 2011 during the Libyan February 17 RATSvolution.

Khaled Al Mrimi, secretary of the Alliance of National Forces party, which was founded by Jibril in 2012, said he died in Cairo after spending two weeks in hospital.

Jibril, 68, was appointed head of the National Transitional Council during the February revolution.

Prior to this, he served as head of the National Economic Development Board for the governement before defecting to the National Transitional Council at the beginning of the revolution in early 2011.

In March 2012, he became the leader of the newly founded National Forces Alliance.

Source: Libyanexpress