SPECIAL REPORT | Turkish Intelligence in Tripoli Orders Infiltration of Protest Movement

Two official security sources, in addition to a civilian source, confirmed that the Turkish Intelligence Division in Tripoli had directed the infiltration of the spontaneous popular protest movement through loyal elements to call for demands in line with their interests. It also advised them to exploit the existing leadership vacuum to form a leadership for this movement.

(Libya, 25 August 2020) – The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that the Division held a meeting this morning at Mitiga base, followed by another at the Abusitah base with Libyan leaders of armed groups, during which it instructed them to infiltrate the popular movement and alter the course of their slogans and demands. Then, these pro-mobilization leaders ordered their members to participate in civilian clothes.

One of the sources, a high-ranking security official, added that Turkish intelligence is very disturbed by the citizen slogans and chants against Turkey’s seizure and extraction of money from the Government of National Accord (GNA), in addition to paying tens of millions to Syrian or Russians mercenaries. Ankara refuses the condition of removing all mercenaries from Libya, whether those with or against it and is of the opinion that the demonstrations against all mercenaries are against its interests. The demonstrators chanted “No to Turks, no to Russians … we are Libyans and we demand our money”, which the Turks did not like.

He pointed out that the Turkish directives were to reduce chants and slogans against Fayez al-Sarraj, the Syrian mercenaries, and the deterioration of living conditions and raise other slogans, including the demand to immediately reopen oil with the same previous arrangements (i.e. the revenues go to Siddiq al-Kabir instead of going to an independent account under international control). This is Turkey’s goal, to pay the salaries of its mercenaries and extract billions in the name of compensation, as the Turkish presidency has declared today openly.


The same sources revealed that the Division also directed that the infiltrating elements of the movement raise slogans against Russia, Egypt, and others and in support of the “Volcano of Anger” and condemn Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in order to eclipse and overwhelm any slogans or chants against Turkey and its Syrian mercenaries. It aims to silence the spontaneous popular movement that raised its voice against everyone, be they Russians, Syrians, Egyptians, Presidential Council, or General Command.

It also ordered that treatment of the “Volcano” wounded members be among the demands because the continuation of treatment in Turkey means repaying the previous debts accumulating in the hundreds of millions that the Turkish Health Ministry claims in Libya.

Turkish intelligence believes that the best way to confront the expanding movement is to penetrate it, or rather to swallow it, to turn into an apparently popular movement while within the direction of Volcano of Anger only, instead of confronting it by force, provocation, and bullets.

Turkey, as we know, has long experience in suppressing the majority of the protests that erupted against Erdogan over the past years.

Source: https://almarsad.co/en/2020/08/25/special-report-turkish-intelligence-in-tripoli-orders-infiltration-of-protest-movement/

Libya: Excessive Force Used by Armed Militias Against Protesters in Tripoli

Hundreds protest against GNA corruption in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Hundreds of people took to the streets in Tripoli to protest against corruption inside of the Government of National Accord (GNA), demanding that the Fayez Al-Sarraj-led government be “overthrown”.

Protests held GNA responsible for the deterioration of living conditions, criticizing the government officials high wages while ordinary citizens suffer from the cash liquidity crisis.

GNA’s payments for its Turkey-backed Syrian mercenaries and local militias were wildly denounced by the protesters.

Armed groups affiliated with GNA opened fire on the protesters, which led to several injured and one reported death.

A non-democratically elected government, GNA was formed as part of the 2015 UN-sponsored Libyan political agreement. Ever since then, it has failed to hold a control grip on western Libyan and became heavily undermined by lawless militias.

In 2019, GNA’s Al-Sarraj signed a controversial security agreement with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The agreement paved the way for Ankara to send it’s troops as well as Syrian mercenaries to Tripoli in an effort to repel the military operation launched by the Libyan National Army (LNA) at that time.

Militias Respond with Shootings and Arrests

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Popular protests in the capital, Tripoli, were met with the excessive use of force by security personnel loyal to the Government of National Accord in Tripoli.

Imad Abu Gharara, said on his Facebook page: “My son Abdul Salam was kidnapped yesterday with thousands of Tripoli youths while he was on his way to buy milk for his son, and we have not found him. Please pray until he returns safely.”

Sources from inside the capital confirmed that armed militias carried out a widespread campaign of arrests in the neighborhoods of the capital against the demonstrators demanding the departure of the reconciliation government.

The US embassy confirms its support for the protests in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The American ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, expressed the United States’ support for the right of citizens in all parts of the country to participate in peaceful protests.

This came in light of the massive popular demonstrations taking place in the capital, Tripoli, against the government and the deterioration of the living conditions, the spread of corruption, the interruption of services such as electricity and water, and the long waiting in front of gas stations.

The US embassy said, in a statement today, Monday, that Ambassador Norland, in talks with a number of political officials in the Government of National Accord, expressed the United States’ concern about the acute shortage of electricity, especially in light of the increasing spread of the Corona pandemic, and also expressed his support for the right of citizens to All parts of the country to participate in the peaceful protests.

Norland urged the Libyan leaders to work together to meet the urgent needs of the people and seize this opportunity for the country.

The protests in the capital, Tripoli, who confirmed that they were fed up with the deterioration of services, the frequent cuts to electricity and water, and the long queues in front of fuel distribution stations, were met with live bullets fired by gunmen.

UNSMIL statement on protests in Tripoli on 23 August 2020

The rights to peaceful assembly, protest and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights and fall within Libya’s obligations under international human rights law. UNSMIL calls for an immediate and thorough investigation into the excessive use of force by pro-GNA security personnel in Tripoli yesterday which resulted in the injury of a number of protesters.

These demonstrations were motivated by frustrations about sustained poor living conditions, shortages of electricity and water and a lack of service provision throughout the country.

Given the continuing immiseration of the Libyan people and the ever-present threat of renewed conflict, it is past time for Libyan leaders to put aside their differences and engage in a fully inclusive political dialogue as outlined by GNA President Sarraj and House of Representatives Speaker Saleh in their declarations last week.

Source: https://libya360.wordpress.com/2020/08/24/libya-excessive-force-used-by-armed-militias-against-protesters-in-tripoli/