Pentagon Orders All Installations to Stop Reporting COVID-19 Infections and Deaths


Coronavirus prepared at the bio-weapons laboratory in the US

The SARS-CoV-2 virus may have originated at the Fort Detrick lab, escaped into the wild due to lax safety precautions and infected military personnel at the base.

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US expert Dennis Etler shared his views with Eurasia Diary regarding the spread of Coronavirus-COVID-19 in the world as well as the role of the United States in the origination of this terrible disease.  

“Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has raised the question as to whether the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) actually originated in the US, not China. His suggestion has raised hackles in the US media and government. Zhao, however, has not accused Washington of launching a bio-weapon attack against China, he has just raised some pertinent questions that need to be answered.

Using a contagious virus as a bio-weapon makes no strategic sense. It would and obviously did backfire if the intent was to derail China’s economy. In the long-run it will do the exact opposite, it will ruin the Western economies and strengthen China’s economy. The modelers in the “deep state” would surely understand this. The logic of launching a viral attack creating a pandemic thus doesn’t make much strategic sense.

But there is countervailing evidence that the virus itself had its origins outside of China;

1) In August 2019 the bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick was shut down because of safety concerns. One of the special agents being researched there was the SARS-CoV coronavirus. It seems that waste water from the plant was contaminated. So, there is a potential source for a SARS-CoV coronavirus (the COVID-19 virus is SARS-CoV-2) that may have escaped into the wild and infected military personnel.

2) Soon thereafter, in October 2019, US military personnel participated in the International Military Games held in Wuhan. It is feasible that some of the roughly 300 US military participating in the games may have been infected with the virus.

3) Genetic evidence shows that the ancestral form of the virus is not found in China but has been found in the USA and Europe.

4) Reports indicate that US military stationed in Afghanistan have had COVID-19-like symptoms but have not been tested for it, suggeting that early carriers of the virus may have mistaken it for the flu since young, healthy military personnel would most likely have very mild or asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 that went unrecognized. This would be particularly true before the disease spread into Wuhan and infected more vulnerable people who got severe symptoms.

5) The US has been very secretive about the outbreak and held classified White House meetings that medical specialists did not attend, because they lacked security clearances, suggesting the intelligence service attendees knew more than they have let on about the virus..

6) On Nov. 18, 2019 a conference on preparations for a coronavirus pandemic (EVENT 201) was held in New York attended by private and public figures. Nonetheless, Washington has feigned total ignorance of the potential for any impending pandemic.

There are other unsubstantiated claims that have circulated on-line, but that doesn’t take away from the evidence discussed above.

The conclusion seems to be that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have originated at the Fort Detrick lab, escaped into the wild due to lax safety precautions and infected military personnel at the base. The virus then spread within the military, mutated into a number of haplotypes and was introduced to Wuhan during the International Military Games,

No conspiracy, but typical lax security and poor procedures by the US military that led to the virus being spread in Wuhan, leading to the local epidemic and the subsequent global pandemic.

The above evidence should not be dismissed out of hand, as it should be read and investigated by a neutral international team of forensic experts.”

Картинки по запросу

Dennis Etler is an expert on Chinese Studies. Mr Etler holds a doctorate in anthropology from the University of California, Berkley. He conducted archaeological and anthropological research in China throughout the 1980s and 1990s and taught at the college and university level for over 35 years.


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A Man-Made Virus?

The Vatican says the coronavirus was created in a “laboratory in a powerful and wealthy country”

Cardinal and Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Ranjith, is convinced that the Covid-19 coronavirus was created by the hands of man in the “laboratory of a powerful and wealthy country”. The Cardinal demanded that the United Nations initiate an investigation in this regard, and that those responsible are prosecuted on charges of genocide and are punished. This was reported by the correspondent of the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

“Some viruses,” he noted, “that we have been talking about in recent days, are the product of unscrupulous experiments. We must prohibit experiments of this type that lead to loss of lives and cause pain and suffering for all mankind… These types of research are not carried out by individuals in poor countries, but are carried out in the laboratories of rich states. Producing such things is a very serious crime against humanity. I pray to God that he helps to discover those who have sown this poison. I think that the United Nations should step up to understand how this incident arose and punish those responsible. Such research should be prohibited.”

Who created the virus?

The Vatican Cardinal does not explicitly name which country he accuses of creating the virus, but it is not difficult to guess who he means when referring to the laboratory of a “rich and powerful country”.

As Larry Romanoff, a columnist at the Canadian Global Research Center, said recently, the coronavirus was created in the United States. According to him, the virus definitely did not arise in the seafood market in Chinese Wuhan, where the epidemic broke out. He believes that he was most likely brought there from outside, and even named the location of the biological weapons laboratory.

“The only possible source of the coronavirus is the United States because only this country has all branches of the evolutionary tree of coronaviruses. The original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military laboratory at Fort Detrick,” said Romanoff.

The expert’s findings are based on research by Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists. He recalled that last August, a wave of pneumonia took place in the United States, the source of which Americans said was vaping. Several cases of the disease were lethal. At that time, a doctor from Taiwan warned the United States that the cause of pneumonia could be coronavirus, but no one listened to him. Romanoff drew attention to the fact that just before the outbreak of the epidemic began, the United States somehow closed its main military bio-laboratory at Fort Detrick.

Laboratory of death

According to the media, in this laboratory they were experimenting with such dangerous microbes and toxins as Ebola virus, smallpox, anthrax, plague, as well as poison ricin. Epidemiological outbreaks were also investigated, and projects were carried out for government agencies, universities, and pharmaceutical companies. In April 2019, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases’ Department of Molecular and Translational Sciences issued a report on the results of studying coronavirus in bats, according to which… “a shortage of drugs capable of resisting pancoronavirus activity increases the vulnerability of public health systems to the highly pathogenic coronavirus pandemic.”

Even before the outbreak of the epidemic in China – August 31st, 2019 – the New York Times published a story about the development in the United States of a mysterious epidemic of a previously unknown lung disease, which at that time affected more than 200 people.

Cannabis, e-cigarettes, and vaping were suspected. However, those who did not smoke at all were also sick. And therefore the viral-bacterial nature of the severe disease of the lung system was not excluded. As of October 1st 2019 alone, 1,080 cases of the disease were recorded in 48 states and the Virgin Islands, including deaths.

He also drew attention to another mysterious episode related to the emergence of the virus. From October 18th to 27th last year, Wuhan hosted the next Military World Games, to which the Pentagon sent a delegation of several hundred people. In this regard, Global Research, with reference to Chinese social media publications, mentions five foreign athletes or other employees who were hospitalised in Wuhan with an infection unknown at the time. The subsequent explosive increase in morbidity generally corresponds to the standard incubation period of coronavirus established by doctors (about 14 days).

The Chinese representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian, said in this regard on his Twitter page that a dangerous coronavirus had been brought to Wuhan by military personnel from the United States of America.

According to him, the US is obliged to explain why the disease appeared in Wuhan. Lijian also wrote that information appeared from Robert Redfield’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stating that there had been cases of people dying of influenza in the United States before the outbreak in Wuhan Province. However, after they died, they were found to have a dangerous coronavirus.

In the United States, this demarche by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China caused indignation. President Donald Trump accused China of spreading false information.

During a White House briefing, he said “China was spreading false information that our military gave them this [virus]. It is a lie. And instead of arguing, I have to name where it [the virus] came from. It really came from China,” said Trump. However, he did not say anything specific about the specific accusations made by the experts.

Meanwhile, the theory that the coronavirus could have been bred in bio-laboratories over the ocean, after which it deliberately or inadvertently went out of control, is shared by Russian experts.

For example, former member of the United Nations Biological Weapons Commission Igor Nikulin stated that “COVID-19 is assembled in three parts: bat coronavirus, snake coronavirus, and HIV component (human immunodeficiency virus) – glycoprotein protein. In nature, such a combination could not happen.”

As he told the Tsargrad news agency, there are more than enough grounds to suspect that the coronavirus is a US bio-weapon. Firstly, the time and place are too well chosen to be considered a mere coincidence. Currently it is the height of the trade war between China and the United States, and the American President Donald Trump said six months ago that if the Chinese don’t come to their senses, they will regret it. Why the outbreak happened in Wuhan, and not Beijing, Hong Kong, or Shanghai, is also roughly understandable. There’s a pro-American Maidan in Hong Kong. There are a lot of American missions in Shanghai, almost all American companies, and thousands of Americans work there, if not tens of thousands. And Beijing is the capital, there are too big control measures, there are a million cameras that record faces, explains the expert. They chose a place where control is easier, and the fact that there is an institute of virology is also good, it is possible to accuse the Chinese of arranging everything themselves, so successfully and during the New Year, noted Igor Nikulin.

“In addition, there was an American consulate in Wuhan,” he continued. “But they closed it, before the Chinese declared the epidemic,” said the expert. “So they knew about it beforehand? The information is also not in their favour,” noted Nikulin. “I.e., there are many details that show that it is not coincidental,” stressed the expert.

He also recalled that until 2000, the coronavirus had never been transmitted to humans. And since Americans adopted an ethnically specific biological weapons program in 1999, already 8 viruses out of 38 have moved from animals to humans.

How the vaccine was created

Reports from the United States that progress has been made in the development of a vaccine against the virus have also raised questions. How exactly the US managed to beat other countries in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 in a situation when it is impossible from the point of view of the technological process? Such a question was asked by the well-known journalist Sergey Kurginyan on the air of the talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Rossiya 1”.

“The Americans have officially declared that they will test the vaccine, right? How did they make it? Unlike many others, I believe Americans are a great technical nation… But other peoples aren’t idiots either. Neither Germans, nor Russians, nor Chinese. So, they were so ahead of the vaccine, so much so that it is impossible to get so technologically ahead,” said Kurginyan.

He noted that in this case the question arises as to how such an advance has occurred in technological terms? This is especially important in a situation where the virus was first recorded in China and when China was seemingly the first to start developing and testing the vaccine.

“You either skip certain stages of checks on rats and so on, or you don’t skip them, so then you started it when? These stages have a chronological sequence, they cannot be skipped! Are they disrupting the technology cycle or have they got it? And if they got it, it was like what? An antidote? So there is an end product?” continued Kurginyan.

As is known, today there are approximately 400 centers and laboratories in the United States in which biological weapons are being developed. And about 40 of them are located near the Russian borders.

Not long ago, the Russian Defense Ministry accused American scientists working in the Georgian Lugar medical center of experiments on people. The military released evidence that the United States, under the pretext of a “treatment center”, had established a secret biological weapons laboratory in Georgia – near the Russian borders. The experiments there have already killed 73 people.

This sensational information was first released by former Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze, who gave data on the death of 30 people who allegedly died in December 2015 during treatment in the laboratory against hepatitis C. In April and August 2016 there died respectively 30 and 13 people. And in the column “cause of death” it was written “unknown”, and an investigation into this was not carried out. The Russian Ministry of Defence distributed an official report on US military and biological activities on the Georgian territory. The information inside it confirms the Pentagon’s concept of contactless war. Its essence is the use of non-standard “ammunition”, which is now actively developed by Americans. Weapons can even be insects or animals infected with human-dangerous diseases.

If you let the genie out of the bottle…

The narrative of possible US involvement in the spread of the virus is described by many as a conspiracy theory. But that is what’s curious. With particular force, the epidemic broke out for some reason in two countries – China and Italy. At the same time, China is the main economic competitor of the United States on the world stage, and Italy is its most recalcitrant ally in Western Europe, where a “friend of Putin”, the leader of the Liga Nord, Matteo Salvini, is about to return to power again. Could that be a coincidence? Maybe, but it might not have been a coincidence too. Especially since the US has a great “track record” of trying to eliminate its political opponents with poisons and even biological weapons. Ranging from the numerous assassination attempts against Fidel Castro to the bizarre death of Venezuela’s popular leader Hugo Chávez.

But if this has already been done, why could the coronavirus not be the consequence of such American “experiments” no longer against the leader alone, but also a whole country? After all, they also did this before without hesitation – they bombed Serbia, and demolished Iraq and Libya.

They may, however, object by saying that the epidemic has now broken out in the United States itself. But it is known that if a genie is released from the bottle, even if accidentally, it starts to devour everyone indiscriminately, including those who released it.

Russian politician Franz Klintsevich said he was very cautious about all conspiracy theories related to coronavirus. However, in his opinion, most of the facts point to a laboratory in the US. “The conclusions are obvious: it is established that the virus is artificial and with a high degree of probability is linked with American soldiers,” said the politician.

Vladimir Malyshev


COVID-19: All Truth Has Three Stages

Larry Romanoff

First, it is ignored.

Second, it is widely ridiculed.

Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

With COVID-19, we have now entered Stage 2. At first, the media ignored the claims and accumulating mountain of evidence that the virus originated in the US. But the spread of information and restatements of evidence from all sides, including in the US itself, has become too intense and now the claims are being openly ridiculed in the Western media.

Briefly, Chinese virologists discovered conclusively that the original source of the virus was not China, nor Wuhan, nor the seafood market, but had in fact been traced to the US, the most probable scenario being that the virus might have originated at the US Military’s bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick (which was shut down by the CDC in July, because of outbreaks), and brought to China during the World Military Games.

Also, Japanese and Taiwanese virologists arrived independently at the conclusion – that the virus could have originated in the US.

The Americans did their best from before the beginning to deflect culpability by crafting tales of bats, snakes, pangolins, the seafood market, the Wuhan University being a bio-weapons facility (which it is not), and the CIA tale leaked through the VOA and Radio Free Asia that the virus leaked from that university. They stated (factually) that Chinese researchers had participated (7 years ago) in similar virus research funded by the US NIH, thus somehow insinuating Chinese culpability, ignoring that the prior research was irrelevant to current events.

I must say the Americans have proven to be very skillful in grabbing the microphone first, to create an “official” narrative of a current event while flooding the media with sufficient finger-pointing to preclude a gullible public the time to logically assemble the pieces on their own.

They ignored the very real fact that few nations would either create or release a biological weapon that attacks primarily itself. They ignored too, the geopolitical likelihood of an ”end game” – that a virus is a powerful weapon of economic warfare, able to do to China’s economy what a trade war could not do.

Casual readers tend to ignore the fact that, in the American mentality, there are many solid geopolitical reasons to attack China, Iran, and Italy, the remaining countries merely constituting unfortunate collateral damage.

Many virus articles containing this and similar information had been published by second-tier internet news sites, some articles gaining enormous readership with hundreds of thousands of downloads and much re-posting. Many of these articles have been translated into 6 or 7 languages and published on websites all around the world. Simultaneously, many posts were made on Chinese social media speculating on the odd circumstances and long chain of unusual coincidences that led to the virus outbreak in Wuhan.

One of the articles referred to above, was translated and posted on Chinese social media and gathered 76,000 comments in the first 8 hours. Eventually, the major Chinese media outlets made the same claims – that the virus could have originated in the US and that the Americans were engaging in a massive cover-up.

Then, Zhao LiJian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, made the story official, through a number of posts on US social media. One major media article, this in the NYT, noted that “Zhao’s remarks were spread on China’s most prominent social media platform, Weibo . . . [and] had been viewed more than 160 million times, along with screenshots of the original Twitter posts.

It seems LiJian’s Twitter posts, being essentially an official source that could not easily be ignored, claiming the virus was brought to China from the US during the Military Games, and demanding an explanation from the US, were receiving too much public attention to be ignored. All of the above created sufficient political pressure to force the Western media to respond. And of course they responded by ignoring the facts of the message and trashing the messenger.

On March 12, the UK Guardian ran a story claiming China was “pushing propaganda” about the virus coming from the US. (1) On March 13, the New York Times ran a similar story of a “China coronavirus conspiracy” of false claims about the source of the virus. (2) Then, on March 14, ABC News ran a story titled “False claims about sources of coronavirus cause spat between the US, China”, in which it ridiculed China and the claims of a US-virus. (3)

The Seattle Times published a version of the story, stating, “China is pushing a new theory about the origins of the coronavirus: It is an American disease . . . introduced by members of the U.S. Army who visited Wuhan in October. There is not a shred of evidence to support that, but the notion received an official endorsement from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose spokesman accused American officials of not coming clean about what they know about the disease.” (4) The UK Independent published their own version of “China’s conspiracy theory” (5), as did CNN (6).

The ABC article claimed that “Assistant Secretary David Stilwell gave [Chinese] Ambassador Cui Tiankai a “very stern representation of the facts,” claiming Cui was “very defensive” in the face of this “official” American assault. The US State Department is quoted as having said, “We wanted to put the [Chinese] government on notice we won’t tolerate [conspiracy theories] for the good of the Chinese people and the world.”

Following that, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and half a dozen other press wires and media outlets have contacted this author for interviews, eager for an opportunity to trash this ‘conspiracy theory’ at its source. The US Embassy in Beijing also “reached out” to the author “to talk about it”.

If the public information campaign and the resulting political pressure can continue, we will eventually enter stage three where the media will begin admitting first the possibility, then the likelihood, then the fact, of the US being the source of the “China” virus.

Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.









“The Real Case-Fatality Rate of the Novel Coronavirus in Italy is at Least 10 Times Lower than the Official Data”.

Patrizia Cecconi order to achieve conscious responsibility on the part of the population, the authorities should offer coherence. They have not done so in the past and they do not do so now. In the third interview with Dr. Leopoldo Salmaso (specialist in Infectious and Tropical Diseases, and Public Health, who has worked for 30 years at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Padua Teaching Hospital (Italy), and 5 years in Tanzania, controlling epidemics like Cholera, Thyphoid, Hemorrhagic Fevers, and intra-hospital Polio), he insists on letting the figures speak for themselves.

The official report on the 2017-18 seasonal flu concludes that 8.7 million people consulted the family doctor/pediatrician by phone for a “flu-like syndrome”. Less than 1/4 were visited by the doctor. No less than 18,000 people, mostly elderly, “died with influenza as a complication”. Of those 18,000, only 173 died in a resuscitation unit.

Q. Good morning doctor, welcome back from Tanzania… through Austria, since no airline has wanted to fly you back directly to Venice. If you had been a few days late, you would not get home, not even from Austria! We Italians are now qualified as plague people: me too I cannot go back to Italy because Great Britain has closed the flights, although they too have the virus: they dance, they embrace each other, they cough in your face, they feel immune, but they have closed a school attended by Italians!…
But let’s move on to our interview: What do you think about the situation in Italy, due to the numerous deaths associated with Covid-19?

A. Every year, in Italy, the deaths associated with the common seasonal flu are 20-30 times more than those recently associated with Covid19. How comes that we don’t clog the resuscitations units every year?
Look at the data on Covid-19 (source: Italian Ministry of Health), updated at March 10th, 2020: 8,514 cases with 631 deaths. Please notice that this is an extremely biased sample, because the tests have been done mainly on sick people. The majority of experts, including Ilaria Capua1, believe that asymptomatic cases are 10 to 100 times higher. Therefore the case-fatality rate would not be 7.4%, but at least ten times lower.

Q. Can you tell us more about the the official data about the last seasonal flu in Italy?

A. Yes, that is the seasonal flu 2017-18: 8.7 million people turned to the family doctor/pediatrician by phone for a “flu-like syndrome”. Less than 1/4 were visited by the doctor. No less than 18,000 people, mostly elderly, died “with flu complications”. Out of those 18,000, only 173 (1 in 100) died in a resuscitation unit, and overall there were 764 “serious cases with confirmed flu in Intensive Care Units”.
That is: the other 17,000 people died at home, or in a nursing home, or in some hospital ward, with no confirmed diagnosis of flu. If the media had unleashed the current uproar two years ago, no less than 75,000 people with influenza would have clogged the ICUs, at a rate of 750 new admissions every day (while so far we have admitted to ICUs a total of 650 patients positive to Covid-19).
The comparison between these data confirms that we are facing an epidemic of panic, and that the very spreaders are the media.

Q. We are told that Italy has the highest case-fatality rate worldwide, and this makes us being considered the top spreaders in Europe, so much so that Italy is now completely isolated and many people, like me, cannot return home.

A. The most reliable data come from South Korea, which records a case-fatality rate around 6 per thousand (1/12 of ours). This is explained by the fact that Korea has done carpet testing since the very beginning (more than 200,000 tests done so far) and confirms what I said above: that our statistics, using a very biased denominator (ill people), falsely magnify the ratio between dead and infected people, i.e. the case-fatality rate.
If we then compare the mortality rates, Covid19 so far has a mortality rate of 1 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the flu every year reaps 20-30 lives per 100,000 inhabitants.

Q. Among the many messages on social networks, in particular Whatsapp, there arrive really worrying calls by doctors from the ICUs. Can you tell us something about that?

A. Thanks to our National Health System, Italy has been ranking at the top of the world, with a very enviable quality/cost ratio, but since 1992 (law for the privatization of the NHS) the whole system has been dismantled to the advantage of private profit: they are not interested in investing in the more expensive sectors, such as organ transplants and ICUs. This plundering will never be denounced and condemned enough.
You ask me about the testimonies and heartfelt appeals by doctors and nurses from the ICUs, who are under real stress because of the seriously ill patients with Covid19. Well, I feel sympathetic on a human level, but I must say that they are misleading in order to understand this “epidemic”. It would be like using the testimony of the sailor of a Titanic lifeboat in order to reconstruct the story of that shipwreck… but here, today, we only have a few lifeboats: there is neither the Titanic nor the iceberg. There is no epidemic, there is no pandemic. And we have two notorious precedents, just with two variants of coronavirus that caused such a sensation and turned out to be real “straw fires”: SARS in the year 2002 (8000 cases in all) and MERS in 2012 (800 cases). And it should be noted that SARS had a case-fatality rate of 9%, MERS an appalling 38%.

Q. We hear rumors of “almost” ready vaccines from Israel or the US, which could save many lives attacked by this virus. What do you think about?

A. Surprise: so much noise for a vaccine?
In the common flu of 2017-18 the prevalent strain was A/H1N1pdm09 (better known as H1N1 or “swine”). It was included in the flu vaccine administered to about half the Italians over-65-year-old, not only that year, but also in the previous years. That strain originated in 2009 in the USA, as a variant of the swine flu. In 2010, our Ministry of Health undertook to pay 184 million euros to Novartis for 24 million doses of the vaccine against “H1N1 porcine”. However, that announced “pandemic” was actually a real media hoax: in fact in Italy we vaccinated less than a million people, and 9 million doses of that vaccine remained in the refrigerators of our public health facilities.
Now, to comment on the vaccine from Israel (Netanyahu promised the vaccine a week before their recent elections) or from the USA (they also are deeply into election campaign and, if not covered by expensive private insurance, they have to pay about $ 3,000 to get tested for Covid-19… and to make matters worse, they have the highest rate of false positive results in the world).
In short: commenting on the Israel-USA vaccine promises would be like shooting on the Red Cross.

Q. The last question I ask you, doctor, is what you think of the measures taken by the Italian government to reduce the speed of contagion.

A. The great Ennio Flajano once said that in Italy “the situation is severe but not serious”. Based on all the data we have examined here, we should conclude that this time in Italy the situation is “serious but not severe”.
I mean “serious” in the sense that the measures taken by our leaders reflect their anxiety of proving they are “serious and responsible” but I ask myself: towards whom? Towards the EU? Towards NATO? Why not towards the Italian citizens? The first requirement of seriousness is consistency, and every citizen knows if he has received consistent messages from the authorities and “experts” in these 40 days. Walter Ricciardi, just hired as a special consultant to the Minister of Health in the midst of this storm, has worked wonders on both the domestic and international front. And when the storm rages, when the sails are torn and the boat is full of water, you can only shovel water and shut up. In science and conscience I believe I am shoveling water, patching up sails, and (almost) shutting up. I said almost shut up: in solidarity with Colleagues (underpaid) who work stressful shifts in hospitals devastated by thirty years of neoliberal filibustering, but also screaming loudly against self-styled “colleagues” who, in anonymity, sow terror by talking about “grandchildren who kill their grandparents by infecting them” or about “reckless people who leave home for a walk”. Other criminals pass off the XY product as a curative panacea (and above all preventive) against the “2020 plague” which is said to be “extremely contagious” and a “ruthless exterminator”…
Let me repeat: those who are in the hospital front line today are really under stress, they must be supported, and we all must take all reasonable measures to reduce the probability of contagion, but a large newspaper in my region, Veneto, today reports that we have 498 beds of intensive care, of which 67 are occupied by patients with a swab positive for Covid-19.
Coming back to the authorities: they threaten 3 months in prison if a grandmother moves to another city to look after her grandchildren who have been left without school and without babysitting (on the other side, their parents can go far away every day, and join thousands of colleagues, if that is their job: perhaps Covid19 is off limits for workers).
So, three months prison for the grandmother; have you seen any threat of sanction against those who sow panic, starting with the mainstream media?

Q. So you accuse the authorities of little consistency, if I understand correctly?

A. Of course, there is no consistency! If the authorities want citizens to behave responsibly, they themselves must be consistent. For the last 40 days I have been explaining that, compared to the real pandemics, the current outbreak looks rather like the storm that Truman Burbank had to face in the film “The Truman Show”. And I would prefer to be wrong, but I see a significant difference: our authorities are not Christof, they are not in the control room, they are in the same boat with Truman, me, you, and 60 million unfortunate fellow Italians. If it can console you, in the place of Christof I see neither European leaders nor Mr. Trump.
In the control room, since mid-January, I have seen CNN, NYT, Guardian, and all the western mainstream media. And now I see that the boomerang they threw against China is hitting back against us, all of us!

Q. Thank you for the time you have dedicated to me. I am now going for a tour of London where, until yesterday, I have managed to count only 11 masks, all on oriental faces. Otherwise I have seen many cool people, serenely sneezing and coughing in the buses and on the streets, in spite of the precautions that prompted their leaders to isolate Italy.

Translation by Marinella Correggia


Coronavirus was created by the USA to sink China, Italy is place to a social experiment.

The system has been making us stupid with Coronavirus for a long time, they talk to you about various stupid things, bats, snakes, created in China, etc …

but someone does not believe it: with documents in hand he gives evidence that the Coronavirus was created by the USA to destroy China.

Why years ago even literature and cinema produced novels and films in which there was talk of a pandemic that started right from China?

Why official NATO documents identify China as the enemy of the future?

Why in the same documents we talk about innovative weapons, selective viruses, capable of infecting some populations and others not?

Why do we speak openly of studying the effects not of the epidemic but of studying the “social” effects on the population? That is, how does the population react to prohibitions, limitations, deprivation of freedom?

Why did Attali, a well-known “benefactor”, openly say that there is a need for a small global epidemic to create a global world government?

here is an interesting video:

Coronavirus: astounding coincidences

Published: 26 February 2020

Roberto Quaglia takes point of the situation on the coronavirus, after a week in Italy where nothing else is talked about.

source Pandora TV

original in italian with video:

il Coronavirus è stato creato dagli USA per affondare la Cina, l’ Italia è sede di un esperimento sociale.

è da tanto tempo che il sistema ci sta ricoglionendo con il Coronavirus, ti parlano di cavolate varie, pipistrelli, serpenti, creato in Cina ecc….

ma qualcuno non ci crede: con documenti alla mano da le prove che il Coronavirus è stato creato dagli USA per distruggere la Cina.

Perchè anni addietro persino la letteratura ed il cinema produceva romanzi e film in cui si parlava di una pandemia che partiva proprio dalla Cina?

Perchè documenti ufficiali NATO individuano la Cina come il nemico del futuro?

Perchè negli stessi documenti si parla di armi innovative, virus selettivi, in grado di infettare alcune popolazioni ed altre no?

Perchè si parla apertamente di studiare gli effetti non dell’ epidemia ma di studiare gli effetti “sociali” sulla popolazione?, cioè come la popolazione reagisce ai divieti, limitazioni, privazione della libertà.

Perchè Attali, noto “benefattore” disse apertamente cè bisogno di una piccola epidemia globale per arrivare ad un unico governo mondiale?

ecco un video interessante.
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Coronavirus: sbalorditive coincidenze

Roberto Quaglia fa il punto della situazione sul coronavirus, dopo una settimana in cui in Italia non si parla d’altro.

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Una riflessione sul Coronavirus

By 20 Febbraio 2020

Cosa sono i laboratori BSL4? E quali sono le strane coincidenze accadute prima dello scoppio del problema Coronavirus?

di Paolo Buralli Manfredi e Joe Cossari – Melbourne (Australia)

I laboratori BLS, sono dei laboratori che trattano e studiano virus letali per gli esseri umani, questi laboratori vengono classificati su quattro livelli dal meno pericolosi ai più pericolosi, BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4, (Bio Sefity Level)
Il laboratorio da dove  è scaturita l’epidemia di Coronavirus si trova a Wuhan una città cinese che conta più di sessanta milioni di abitanti, ed il laboratorio in questione venne costruito nel 2014 con un progetto Franco-Cinese che prevedeva anche l’accesso di funzionari e ricercatori legati a doppio filo all’OMS (Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanita’) ma, la cosa che è veramente particolare è il tipo di laboratorio,  perché il laboratorio di Wuhan è classificato come BLS4, cioè un laboratorio che maneggia virus altamente letali per l’uomo.
Normalmente questi laboratori vengono costruiti su piccole isole o addirittura su piattaforme create ad hoc in mezzo al mare o comunque in mezzo al nulla, proprio per evitare che l’errore umano possa scatenare pandemie con possibili milioni di morti. Altra particolarità di tutta questa storia è che, un Coronavirus depotenziato fu depositato e brevettato nel 2015 negli Stati Uniti da una società inglese partecipata a maggioranza dallo Stato Inglese, con la possibilità di utilizzo dello stesso a partire dal 2018.

Singolare anche la simulazione che, la Fondazione Bill & Melinda Gates in collaborazione con il World Economics Forum che il 18 Ottobre 2019, qualche settimana prima del primo caso da Coronavirus, simula una possibile pandemia che parte dal Brasile e si diffonde in tutto il mondo  prevedendo una mortalità di circa  sessanta milioni di persone, evento chiamato “ Event 201” a Global Pandemic Exercise .
Sempre a ridosso del primo caso, proprio a Wuhan arrivarono trecento soldati americani per partecipare al Military War Games, precisamente il 15 Ottobre altra data vicina al primo caso conclamato di Coronavirus.
Ovviamente le domande nascono spontanee, perché i mezzi di informazione classici non hanno analizzato la sequenza dei fatti, non hanno informato delle stranezze che abbiamo scritto qui sopra, ma si sono limitati solo ad accusare lo Stato cinese di aver creato una possibile pandemia?
Perché tutte le notizie sul Coronavirus date alle popolazioni, sono solo superficiali e non approfondite?
Ecco come sempre la nostra attenzione va all’informazione che come al solito sembra seguire strade predeterminate e soprattutto unificate, globalizzate come quasi fossero dettate e uguali per tutti.
Chiudiamo non traendo conclusioni personali ma cercando di far riflettere tutti su questi eventi e sul fatto che, a volte se non sempre, bisognerebbe impegnarsi a cercare risposte differenti a quelle che i giornali e le televisioni ‘blasonate’ ci propinano, creando in noi una visione unica ed indiscutibile, che ci allinea su una opinione al limite con la manipolazione.

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A quando un risveglio fra popoli in Europa ?

11 dicembre 2019.
di Luciano Lago
Le manifestazioni di protesta in Francia e lo sciopero generale che sta paralizzando quasi del tutto il paese ci fanno accendere un barlume di speranza. La speranza che si vada avvicinando l’ora di un possibile risveglio dei popoli d’Europa che trasmettano un segnale forte alle elite finanziarie dominanti, un segnale di rivolta e di cambiamento.
Il risveglio di una Europa che possa rompere le sbarre invisibili della gabbia neoliberista, quella che ha avvolto ciascuno stato europeo affossando le possibilità di crescita, non può essere lontano ma, come avviene per molti cicli storici, bisogna arrivare al punto più basso della involuzione per poi afferrare la possibilità di un riscatto.
L’ispirazione per un riscatto e una rinascita di paesi europei non può che provenire da est dove già da tempo si è verificato il risveglio dei giganti asiatici, la Federazione Russa, la Cina, l’India, paesi che oggi dimostrano una vitalità ed una capacità di rompere l’ordine mondiale di marca anglo USA che avviluppava il mondo.
Nella fase attuale, dopo decenni di pratiche neoliberiste che hanno minato le capacità agroindustriali un tempo fiorenti di paesi come la Francia, l’Italia, la Spagna, sotto la gabbia dell’euro “postindustriale”, è diventato evidente che l’austerità e l’aumento delle tasse sono le uniche soluzioni che i tecnocrati dell’eurocrazia e i padroni della moneta, che si trovano nella Banca Centrale europea, potranno consentire . Questo perchè l’appartenenza all’euro proibisce a qualsiasi nazione di sforare il rapporto deficit /PIL al di sopra del 3%, mentre non esistono i mezzi finanziari per generare credito statale sufficiente per costruire progetti su larga scala necessari per una ripresa economica.
In altre parole, dal punto di vista delle regole del gioco imposte dalle elite finanziarie transatlantiche, la situazione è senza speranza.
Sul versante orientale dell’Eurasia si può constatare che la Russia e la Cina hanno trasformato con successo l’ordine internazionale utilizzando grandi risorse per investimenti in infrastrutture, fra queste la creazione della “Belt and Road” Initiative che può essere estesa a vari paesi europei. Diventa facile comprendere che, l’agganciarsi a questa iniziativa offre una opportunità unica per i paesi europei (almeno per quelli che desiderano mantenere la testa fuori di fronte all’imminente collasso economico).
Potrebbe essere questo l’unico mezzo praticabile per fornire lavoro, sicurezza e crescita economica a lungo termine alla loro gente poiché la Belt and Road, cocepita dagli strateghi cinesi, è radicata come un progetto di sistema aperto che non è collegato alla geopolitica del sistema chiuso atlantista di ispirazione hobbesiana.

Rivolta a Parigi dei gilet gialli

Per seguire questa strada è necessario contrastare i piani dei neoconservatori in Europa di ispirazione atlantista, fra i quali i partiti dei finti sovranisti, che vorrebbero ritornare ad un ordine atlantista chiuso che escluda la possibiltà per ogni stato di trattare e cooperare con i grandi paesi dell’est ed agganciarsi a questo sviluppo.
Non è un caso che il partito atlantista agiti lo spettro della minaccia russa e della minaccia cinese per impedire ai paesi europei di affrancarsi dalla dominazione americana sull’Europa che esiste dal 1945 e che oggi, superata da quasi 30 anni la politica dei blocchi contrapposti, non ha più alcun senso.
Piuttosto la elite di potere di Washington cerca con ogni mezzo, dalle sanzioni alle minacce ed ai ricatti, di imporre all’Europa una nuova politica dei blocchi anti Russia-Cina che impedirebbe all’Europa di affrancarsi dall’ipoteca della dominanzione americana sul continente.
La guerra commerciale lanciata dall’Amministrazione Trump contro la Cina e le continue provocazioni contro Pechino, con interferenze sui disordini a Hong Kong e divieto ai paesi alleati di utilizzare le reti 5 G, sono parte della strategia USA di impedire lo sviluppo di un progetto euroasiatico. Forma parte di questa strategia anche l’ostilità manifestata dagli USA al progetto energetico del nuovo gasdotto russo Nord Stream 2 che deve fornire gas alla Germania e all’Austria contro cui Washington, dopo aver inutilmente cercato di porre ostacoli, sta minacciando sanzioni.

Protesta contro il Dominio delle Banche in Europa

Non c’è però molto tempo a disposizione perchè il prossimo collasso economico dei paesi europei, stretti fra crisi economica, immigrazione incontrollata, disgregazione sociale, ipoteca finanziaria (vedi il MES) imposta dalle oligarchie di Bruxelles, non lascia molta scelta. I leader dei veri movimenti sovranisti hanno un margine di tempo ridotto per fare le scelte indispensabili: impugnare i trattati della gabbia eurocratica e neoliberista, essendo questi in contrasto con le costituzioni nazionali e con le necessità sociali delle popolazioni, e affrancarsi dai vincoli atlantisti prima di essere trascinati in nuovi conflitti bellici che il “Deep State” degli USA sta maturando in Medio Oriente e nelllo spazio indoasiatico.
La domanda è se esistano oggi questi leader consapevoli di quale sia la sfida oggi o se ci siano in giro solo delle controfigure che si agitano sulle piazze dei paesi eiropei lanciando slogans vuoti e contestando soltanto gli effetti delle politiche eurocratiche (austerità, immigrazione, precarietà e disoccupazione, ecc..) senza risalire alle cause primarie del disastro in corso d’opera.
La domanda attende ancora una risposta e il tempo stringe………

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Gli USA hanno fallito la loro strategia per destabilizzare il Libano

Di Elijah J. Magnier 12 dicembre 2019.
Per diverse settimane, gran parte della popolazione libanese ha attaccato i leader politici tradizionali e messo in discussione il sistema politico corrotto del paese. Coloro che hanno gestito il paese per decenni hanno fatto poche riforme, non hanno mantenuto le infrastrutture e hanno fatto poco o nulla per creare posti di lavoro al di fuori della loro cerchia di sostegno.
I manifestanti sono stati anche spinti in piazza dalle misure statunitensi, che hanno strangolato l’economia libanese, inclusi ostacoli per la maggioranza dei 7-8 milioni di espatriati libanesi nel trasferire denaro ai loro cari nel loro paese d’origine. L’amministrazione americana ha preso queste misure per cercare, invano, di mettere in ginocchio l’Iran e i suoi alleati.
Gli Stati Uniti sembrano credere che seminando il caos nei paesi in cui opera l’Asse della Resistenza, possa costringere l’Iran a cadere tra le braccia dell’amministrazione statunitense. Gli Stati Uniti vogliono piegare l’Iran e i suoi alleati e imporre le loro condizioni e la loro egemonia in Medio Oriente.

In Libano, dall’inizio delle manifestazioni, il prezzo delle merci è salito alle stelle. Nel mercato mancano medicinali e beni di consumo e la sterlina libanese ha perso oltre il 40% del suo valore rispetto al dollaro USA. Molti libanesi hanno perso il lavoro o sono finiti con un taglio di metà stipendio. Il Libano si è avvicinato alla guerra civile quando i partiti politici filoamericani hanno chiuso le strade principali e hanno cercato di bloccare le linee di comunicazione dal sud sciita del Libano alla capitale e da Beirut alla valle della Bekaa.
La guerra è stata evitata perché Hezbollah ha emanato una direttiva che ordinava a tutti i suoi membri e sostenitori di tornare alle loro case. Le istruzioni erano chiare: “Se qualcuno ti schiaffeggia sulla guancia destra, presenta l’altra guancia.”
Hezbollah aveva capito cosa nascondevano i blocchi di Beirut: un invito a iniziare una guerra. Le prove: per più di un mese, l’esercito libanese ha rifiutato di riaprire le strade principali, lasciando non solo i legittimi manifestanti, ma anche i criminali a fare ciò che volevano.
La situazione è cambiata oggi: l’esercito ha revocato i blocchi e il presidente libanese usa la Costituzione a suo vantaggio, così come il primo ministro dimesso, che non ha una scadenza per formare un governo. Il presidente Michel Aoun ha restituito ai cristiani ciò che avevano perso dopo l’accordo di Taif: prima di chiedere a un membro del gabinetto candidato alla carica di primo ministro di formare un nuovo governo, vuole assicurarsi che sia efficace ed equilibrato, sostenuto per tutti i partiti politici e hanno un’alta probabilità di successo.
Aoun non offrirà il mandato al nuovo candidato, Samir al Jatib, perché il Primo Ministro sunnita Saad Hariri, che inizialmente ha nominato Jatib, gli ha chiesto all’ultimo momento di ritirarsi e ha chiesto all’ex Primo Ministro, l’autorità religiosa sunnita e ai partiti politici che lo sosterranno per il nuovo primo ministro saranno nominati da lui di persona e da nessun altro. È probabile che la nomina del primo ministro venga posticipata a una data sconosciuta e potrebbe persino essere lo stesso Hariri a ricoprire la carica.
Comunque sia, i manifestanti non hanno ottenuto molto perché i partiti politici tradizionali manterranno la loro influenza. Il nuovo governo, una volta formato, non sarà in grado di revocare le sanzioni statunitensi per facilitare l’economia nazionale. Al contrario, l’amministrazione americana intende reimpostare le sue sanzioni contro il Libano e imporne di nuove su altre personalità, come ha affermato il segretario di Stato Mike Pompeo alcuni mesi fa.
Oggi, nessun cittadino libanese può disporre dei propri risparmi o dei suoi beni nelle banche a causa delle restrizioni sui prelievi di denaro, un vero “controllo del capitale”. Puoi ottenere solo piccole quantità di denaro, da $ 150 a $ 300 a settimana, in un paese in cui paghi principalmente in contanti. Nessuno è autorizzato a trasferire denaro all’estero, ad eccezione delle tasse universitarie o di ordini speciali per beni essenziali.

Sostenitori di Hezbollah

Tuttavia, Hezbollah, il principale obiettivo dell’accordo tra Stati Uniti e Israele, non è stato direttamente interessato dalle sanzioni statunitensi o da nuove restrizioni finanziarie. I combattenti venivano pagati, come ogni mese, in dollari USA con un aumento del 40% (a causa della svalutazione della valuta locale).
Hezbollah non solo ha evitato la guerra civile, ma è riuscito anche a rafforzare la posizione dei suoi alleati. Il presidente Aoun e il leader della Free Patriotic Current (CPL), il ministro degli Esteri Gebran Bassil, erano in uno stato di confusione durante le prime settimane di proteste. Hezbollah è stato fedele ai suoi alleati e li ha supportati. Oggi la situazione è di nuovo sotto controllo e il presidente e il leader della CPL sono un passo avanti rispetto ai loro avversari politici.
Hezbollah farà parte del nuovo governo. L’Asse della Resistenza ha affermato che se la presenza di Hezbollah nel nuovo governo disturba l’amministrazione americana, questo non è un motivo per cui il partito dovrebbe piegarsi e andarsene. … Al contrario. Devi rimanere nel gabinetto o nominare ministri per tuo conto. Hezbollah ha il diritto legittimo di essere rappresentato nel governo perché, insieme al Movimento Amal, rappresenta più di un terzo della popolazione libanese e il governo è il risultato di una grande coalizione in Parlamento.
Chi impedirà agli Stati Uniti di approvare l’intenzione di Israele per annettere le acque marittime in disputa sul Libano? Chi farà una campagna per il ritorno dei rifugiati siriani nel loro paese di origine? Chi può impedire, come vogliono gli Stati Uniti, che le forze delle Nazioni Unite siano schierate ai confini tra Libano e Siria?
Hezbollah ha un ampio sostegno popolare e una base sociale che soffre, come tutti gli altri nel paese, della corruzione del sistema libanese. Nonostante ciò, le basi sociali di Hezbollah sono vicine all’Asse della Resistenza e ai suoi sforzi per neutralizzare le sanzioni statunitensi.
L’amministrazione americana non ha raggiunto il suo obiettivo, anche navigando nell’onda delle legittime richieste dei manifestanti. Né poteva spingere Hezbollah in una rissa di strada. Non sarà in grado di portare Hezbollah e i suoi alleati all’ostracismo, che sono determinati a far parte del nuovo governo. Gli Stati Uniti non sono riusciti a isolare Hezbollah, come ha fatto con Hamas, perché il Libano è aperto alla Siria e da lì all’Iraq e all’Iran. Il Libano è aperto anche al mondo esterno grazie alla sua costa mediterranea e può importare le merci necessarie. Nonostante tutto, l’Asse della Resistenza ha chiesto ai suoi amici e seguaci di coltivare la terra per limitare l’aumento dei prezzi del cibo.
L’Asse della Resistenza è aperto anche a Russia e Cina. Hezbollah continua a cercare di convincere i partiti politici a diversificare le relazioni e smettere di fare affidamento esclusivamente sugli Stati Uniti e sull’Europa. La Russia ha una comprovata esperienza nell’arena politica internazionale, anche se non ha ancora molta influenza in Libano e può far fronte all’egemonia americana.
L’Europa è anche felice di vedere Hezbollah e i suoi alleati al potere perché teme l’afflusso di milioni di rifugiati siriani e libanesi. La Cina è pronta ad aprire una banca in Libano, raccogliere e riciclare rifiuti, fornire acqua pulita e costruire generatori elettrici e anche investire circa 12.500 milioni in Libano, molto più degli 11.000 milioni offerti dalla Conferenza degli amici del Libano del CEDRE da Parigi,
Le porte del Libano sono aperte a un’alternativa agli Stati Uniti. Pertanto, più Washington cerca di sottomettere il governo libanese e i suoi abitanti, più si avvicineranno alla Russia e alla Cina.
I libanesi hanno perso molto dall’inizio delle manifestazioni. Ma tutto quello che Washington ha ottenuto è che la società libanese nel suo insieme ora vuole sfuggire alla sua egemonia, per non parlare del fatto che gli Stati Uniti e i loro alleati non sono riusciti a isolare Hezbollah. Tuttavia, i manifestanti sono riusciti a dare l’allarme e avvertire i politici che la loro corruzione non può durare per sempre e che potrebbero finire in tribunale. Ancora una volta, gli agenti del caos hanno fallito e l’Asse della Resistenza ha ampliato la sua influenza in Libano.
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