Proteste contro le forze di Haftar a Sirte in seguito ad una serie di arresti

Fonti locali riferiscono di proteste popolari contro la campagna di arresti avviata nei giorni scorsi dalle forze di sicurezza affiliate al Libyan National Army (LNA) sotto il comando del generale Khalifa Haftar. Le tensioni sono iniziate da oltre una settimana, quando un movimento apparentemente pro-Gheddafi ha organizzato manifestazioni in sostegno della candidatura del figlio del rais, Saif al-Islam.

Il 20 e 21 agosto, le manifestazioni del movimento verde si sono svolte regolarmente, ma oggi i residenti denunciano l’arresto di diversi giovani, tra cui: Nasr Mohamed Belkacem Al-Zayani, Abdul Hadi Attia Al-Zayani,
Gaddaf Addam Eawaydat, Aseel Mohammed Zaid, Milad Salem Farhat, Ali Abdullah Saeed, Hamza Ali Al-Suwaidi, Hamza Badri Asbaa, Ali Gomaa Imran, Osama Hassan Al-Saadi, Majdi Hassan Al-Saadi.

I residenti hanno minacciato il generale Khalifa Haftar di chiudere la strada che collega Sirte alla Libia meridionale, avvertendo inoltre Imrajaa, il comandante della Brigata Tariq Bin Zayed, che il suo gruppo non è benvenuto a Sirte. Alcuni presenti hanno riferito di un inseguimento e una sparatoria all’interno della città, dove un giovane sarebbe rimasto ucciso. Secondo l’iniziativa del premier Fayez al-Serraj e il presidente del Parlamento Aguila Saleh, la città di Sirte dovrebbe essere demilitarizzata ed affidata ad una forza di polizia congiunta.

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Serraj government creaking under pressure: with electricity blackouts, water cuts, youth fleeing to Europe and demonstrating, and municipalities calling for immediate action

By Sami Zaptia.

Libyans are demonstrating against all their failed political and ruling elite in the face of power and water cuts, fuel and liquidity shortages (Photo: Social media).

London, 22 August 2020:

The internationally recognized Libyan government of Faiez Serraj, based in the capital Tripoli, is creaking under pressure of popular discontent as Libyans continue to see it as an ineffective government daily.

With reports that Tripoli-based militias aligned to the internationally recognized Libyan government breaking up demonstrations against the Serraj government by men, on Thursday night a small group of mostly women demonstrated in Algeria Square.

One over seventy-year old lady gave an interview to a local TV channel, usually with a supportive editorial line towards the Tripoli government, which touched a nerve amongst Libyans.

In a mature and considered tone of voice the lady beseeched the Serraj government to not ignore the people and do something about the standard of living crisis in the country.

With successive blackouts and 24-hour power cuts over the last week, Libyan youth have taken to the streets to demonstrate their anger, blocking roads and burning tyres. The tyre burning was partially in anger and partially to provide them with lighting during the extended power cuts.

The irony is that the failed Serraj government has recently resumed university exams and sixth formers are planned to start at the start of September. Students are encouraged not to mix socially with colleagues and urged to revise for exams remotely in their own family bubbles. They are encouraged to revise together in study groups using mobiles and social media – yet with extensive power cuts, this is impossible.

For even those who can afford a large family-sized generator that can run all day and can afford to order-in by phone the diesel to run it at LD 1.50-2.00 / litre, as opposed to the official price of LD 0.35 – can do nothing about operating the mobile phone masts for the needed phone and social media calls.

What has also touched a nationwide Libya nerve is the recent reports of increased Libyan youth now jostling with illegal African migrants to get on the so-called ‘‘death boats’’ to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. An unconfirmed report that at least one boatful of Libyans has capsized with all onboard lost at sea, has caused consternation.

It has, unsurprisingly, in this day and age, led to much social media soul-searching. The brunt of the anger has been directed at the Serraj government, but with the High State Council and parliament (west and east), getting their fair share of lambasting too.

All this with the spread of the Coronavirus in the country out of control. Yesterday, the number of cases passed the 10,000 mark.

People are encouraged to remain at home, but they complain that they need to visit banks to withdraw money, queue for petrol, diesel, cooking cylinders etc. But the banks have a cash crisis and people are forced to keep revisiting banks and queue for long hours – in case liquidity is made available.

The lady interviewed by the Libyan TV channel said they need cash to buy masks and gloves because of the Coronavirus – but the banks have no cash to give out. She said that life was becoming unbearable with Coronavirus, power and water cuts, cash shortages and uncollected rubbish on the streets.

With the war with Hafter looking increasingly over on a permanent basis, the Serraj administration has got no ‘‘we are at war’’ fig leaf to hide behind. His administration and its ineffectiveness have come into focus and under the microscope.

It will be recalled that the Serraj government is perceived as a government chosen by the international community with no local mandate or legitimacy. Legitimacy was meant to be gained through effectiveness and delivering services. However, its failure to solve even one of the myriad of problems of power and water cuts, cash liquidity, rubbish collection, insecurity, fuel and cooking gas shortages etc – has gained it no friends.

On a popular talk show on a local TV station yesterday, local municipality leaders waded into Serraj for failing to solve the electricity problem. They conveyed him as out of touch and insisted he either resolved the power supply problem through the local GECOL company within a short timeline, or purchase it from neighbouring Egypt, or through the hiring of temporary power generators installed regionally – doing away with GECOL altogether.


SPECIAL REPORT | Turkish Intelligence in Tripoli Orders Infiltration of Protest Movement

Two official security sources, in addition to a civilian source, confirmed that the Turkish Intelligence Division in Tripoli had directed the infiltration of the spontaneous popular protest movement through loyal elements to call for demands in line with their interests. It also advised them to exploit the existing leadership vacuum to form a leadership for this movement.

(Libya, 25 August 2020) – The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that the Division held a meeting this morning at Mitiga base, followed by another at the Abusitah base with Libyan leaders of armed groups, during which it instructed them to infiltrate the popular movement and alter the course of their slogans and demands. Then, these pro-mobilization leaders ordered their members to participate in civilian clothes.

One of the sources, a high-ranking security official, added that Turkish intelligence is very disturbed by the citizen slogans and chants against Turkey’s seizure and extraction of money from the Government of National Accord (GNA), in addition to paying tens of millions to Syrian or Russians mercenaries. Ankara refuses the condition of removing all mercenaries from Libya, whether those with or against it and is of the opinion that the demonstrations against all mercenaries are against its interests. The demonstrators chanted “No to Turks, no to Russians … we are Libyans and we demand our money”, which the Turks did not like.

He pointed out that the Turkish directives were to reduce chants and slogans against Fayez al-Sarraj, the Syrian mercenaries, and the deterioration of living conditions and raise other slogans, including the demand to immediately reopen oil with the same previous arrangements (i.e. the revenues go to Siddiq al-Kabir instead of going to an independent account under international control). This is Turkey’s goal, to pay the salaries of its mercenaries and extract billions in the name of compensation, as the Turkish presidency has declared today openly.


The same sources revealed that the Division also directed that the infiltrating elements of the movement raise slogans against Russia, Egypt, and others and in support of the “Volcano of Anger” and condemn Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in order to eclipse and overwhelm any slogans or chants against Turkey and its Syrian mercenaries. It aims to silence the spontaneous popular movement that raised its voice against everyone, be they Russians, Syrians, Egyptians, Presidential Council, or General Command.

It also ordered that treatment of the “Volcano” wounded members be among the demands because the continuation of treatment in Turkey means repaying the previous debts accumulating in the hundreds of millions that the Turkish Health Ministry claims in Libya.

Turkish intelligence believes that the best way to confront the expanding movement is to penetrate it, or rather to swallow it, to turn into an apparently popular movement while within the direction of Volcano of Anger only, instead of confronting it by force, provocation, and bullets.

Turkey, as we know, has long experience in suppressing the majority of the protests that erupted against Erdogan over the past years.


Libya: Excessive Force Used by Armed Militias Against Protesters in Tripoli

Hundreds protest against GNA corruption in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Hundreds of people took to the streets in Tripoli to protest against corruption inside of the Government of National Accord (GNA), demanding that the Fayez Al-Sarraj-led government be “overthrown”.

Protests held GNA responsible for the deterioration of living conditions, criticizing the government officials high wages while ordinary citizens suffer from the cash liquidity crisis.

GNA’s payments for its Turkey-backed Syrian mercenaries and local militias were wildly denounced by the protesters.

Armed groups affiliated with GNA opened fire on the protesters, which led to several injured and one reported death.

A non-democratically elected government, GNA was formed as part of the 2015 UN-sponsored Libyan political agreement. Ever since then, it has failed to hold a control grip on western Libyan and became heavily undermined by lawless militias.

In 2019, GNA’s Al-Sarraj signed a controversial security agreement with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The agreement paved the way for Ankara to send it’s troops as well as Syrian mercenaries to Tripoli in an effort to repel the military operation launched by the Libyan National Army (LNA) at that time.

Militias Respond with Shootings and Arrests

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Popular protests in the capital, Tripoli, were met with the excessive use of force by security personnel loyal to the Government of National Accord in Tripoli.

Imad Abu Gharara, said on his Facebook page: “My son Abdul Salam was kidnapped yesterday with thousands of Tripoli youths while he was on his way to buy milk for his son, and we have not found him. Please pray until he returns safely.”

Sources from inside the capital confirmed that armed militias carried out a widespread campaign of arrests in the neighborhoods of the capital against the demonstrators demanding the departure of the reconciliation government.

The US embassy confirms its support for the protests in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The American ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, expressed the United States’ support for the right of citizens in all parts of the country to participate in peaceful protests.

This came in light of the massive popular demonstrations taking place in the capital, Tripoli, against the government and the deterioration of the living conditions, the spread of corruption, the interruption of services such as electricity and water, and the long waiting in front of gas stations.

The US embassy said, in a statement today, Monday, that Ambassador Norland, in talks with a number of political officials in the Government of National Accord, expressed the United States’ concern about the acute shortage of electricity, especially in light of the increasing spread of the Corona pandemic, and also expressed his support for the right of citizens to All parts of the country to participate in the peaceful protests.

Norland urged the Libyan leaders to work together to meet the urgent needs of the people and seize this opportunity for the country.

The protests in the capital, Tripoli, who confirmed that they were fed up with the deterioration of services, the frequent cuts to electricity and water, and the long queues in front of fuel distribution stations, were met with live bullets fired by gunmen.

UNSMIL statement on protests in Tripoli on 23 August 2020

The rights to peaceful assembly, protest and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights and fall within Libya’s obligations under international human rights law. UNSMIL calls for an immediate and thorough investigation into the excessive use of force by pro-GNA security personnel in Tripoli yesterday which resulted in the injury of a number of protesters.

These demonstrations were motivated by frustrations about sustained poor living conditions, shortages of electricity and water and a lack of service provision throughout the country.

Given the continuing immiseration of the Libyan people and the ever-present threat of renewed conflict, it is past time for Libyan leaders to put aside their differences and engage in a fully inclusive political dialogue as outlined by GNA President Sarraj and House of Representatives Speaker Saleh in their declarations last week.


Protests Against GNA Tyranny Turns Deadly as 22 Civilians Killed by GNA Mercenaries

Submitted by JoanneM on

August 23, 2020 Tripoli, Libya Protestors took to the streets of Tripoli and surrounding cities to protest the untenable living conditions in the city and in the whole of Libya. The city of Tripoli that has been under the control of the so called Government of National Accord (appointed by and supported by the UN) since 2015. Since that time the GNA has not done one government like activity in Libya. The GNA is made up of radicals, mostly Muslim Brotherhood but some Al Qaeda and LIFG. The Libyan people would have never agreed or voted to put such people in charge of their banks, government ministries or other such institutions. The criminals in the GNA were appointed? by someone in a meeting? in Tunisia. The elected government of Libya – the HOR (House of Representatives) rejected a group of men appointed in a foreign country to rule in Tripoli so the UN sneaked them in by the dark of night by boat to Tripoli. Once they landed they were under the protection of Belhaj, the terrorist leader of the LIFG in Tripoli. The GNA having put their feet on Libyan soil were immediately recognized as the legitimate government of Libya by the UN. This recognition was to last for 2 years, but since the GNA has not complied with one article of the so called Shkirat agreement, why should they be bound by the 2 year time limit. The corruption of the GNA regime knows no bounds. The first principle of the Shkirat agreement was to “Ensure the democratic rights of the Libyan people”. Serraj, the man appointed to head the GNA by God only knows who; was a furniture salesman, I am pretty sure he cannot even spell the word democracy. Serraj is of Turkish decent and a full blown PUPPET of the Turkish madman “Erdogan”.

The downhill slide of the living conditions, rights of the people, etc., started immediately after the GNA regime was installed. The situation continues to worsen daily. Billions of dollars of Libyan funds have been “GIFTED” to Turkey without any conditions attached. Billions of Libyan dollars have been paid to terrorist mercenaries brought into Tripoli to secure the criminal activities of the GNA regime and purchase weapons to be used against any Libyan that does not bow down to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the reason the oil was shut off by the great tribes of Libya. They said we will no longer allow the money from Libya’s oil resources to be used by the GNA and Turkey to kill our people.

Yesterday, August 23, 2020; .as the people of Tripoli took to the streets demanding the removal of Serraj and his criminal GNA radical regime because they have suffered too long now with no electricity, no food, no medicine, no water, no gasoline, etc. – 22 YOUNG PEOPLE were shot and killed by the GNA regime using their terrorist mercenaries – paid for with the Libyan people’s money. The Libyan people demand the removal of all their so called governments – there is no support for the people from any of them and there is no legitimate government in Libya. They call for a country wide election that was promised to them years ago.


In 2011 the entire country, security and government was DESTROYED by NATO because 2 protestors were shot by Qatari snipers in Benghazi and it was blamed on Ghadafi. Hillary Clinton’s legacy continues in Libya. The people suffer every day with a criminal regime that does nothing except support the theft of Libya to a Turkish madman who wants to reinstate one of the most brutal regimes in the history of the world – the “Ottoman Empire”. The entire destruction of Libya was based on a lie and the continuation of the oppression of the Libyan people by the UN and its minions is a crime against humanity that the world refuses to recognize.

The UN in its report today about the protests in Tripoli barely covers the reasons and the results of the protests. But, if you remember in 2011, the reports of crimes in Libya were embellished to the point of it being worse than Nazi Germany. A small slap on the hand of the GNA that there will be an investigation into the use of force means absolutely nothing will happen. Why is that? Because the GNA is the creature created by the UN. All that is required to help Libya return to a peaceful country is to remove the virus that is making it sick, that virus is the GNA and Turkey. Link to UN report:…

You will not find one legitimate reports about what happened in Tripoli on August 23, 2020. The national media outlets are reporting protests with some blaming problems on Ghadafi supporters. Again they try to turn the world against Libya with lies. It is the terrorist mercenaries that shot the people – some of the protestors attempted to fight back but in the end the mercenaries are better armed and have no oversight so they kill randomly. You will not see a report of 22 killed in any media outlet.

The list of those killed has been made known in Libya and i will post it below this article.

Another effect of these protests has been an increased urgency by Turkey to take over Libya by force. As the Turkish madman, Erdogan sees his puppet in Tripoli failing and possibly soon to be gone, taken out by the Libyan people, he has begun to move his warships towards the Sirte harbor. The Libyan National Army and the Egyptian army are both on high alert as Turkey has been warned to keep their war ships away from Libya.

Make no mistake, there will be no ceasefire in Libya, it is a red herring. The same dirty game played by the UN during the Berlin talks. When the Libyan peoples army agreed to the terms and pulled out of Tripoli, the Turkish supported GNA did not and claimed a victory over the Libyan army. The LNA will not fall for this again, no matter if Serraj or Saleh of the GNA and HOR respectively, state such things. There can be no ceasefire when your country is illegally occupied and being stolen from on a grand scale by terrorists. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.

Things are coming to a head in Libya, the people are standing against the corruption and terrorists that were planted in their country by NATO and Hillary Clinton. They will take back their country or they will die. The US people had better pay attention, the same dirty tricks are being played on the US citizens today and the results will be the same. It is all part of the New World Order Khazarian Zionists agenda.

Killed protestors

Foto. Manifestazioni a sostegno di Saif Gheddafi in 3 città libiche

Foto. Manifestazioni a sostegno di Saif Gheddafi in 3 città libiche

Decine di persone si sono radunate questa settimana in tre città libiche per manifestare a sostegno di Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi, figlio dell’ex Leader  Mu’ammar Al-Gaddafi.

Secondo Al-Wasat , le manifestazioni si sono svolte nelle città di Sirte, Bani Walid e Ghat, che si trovano nella Libia centro-settentrionale.

??? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ?????? 20 ????? 2020. (????????)

Secondo quanto riferito, i partecipanti hanno mostrato foto dell’ex presidente libico, insieme ai suoi figli, Saif Al-Islam, Mu’tassem e Khamis.

I manifestanti avrebbero chiesto il ritorno di Saif Al-Islam alla politica libica, annunciavando il loro sostegno alla sua presidenza.

??? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ?????? 20 ????? 2020. (????????)

La città di Sirte è la città natale di Mu’ammar Gheddafi ed è stata una delle principali roccaforti del defunto presidente durante la prima fase della guerra libica.

??? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ?????? 20 ????? 2020. (????????)

Dalla morte di Gheddafi, la città è stata controllata dal governo di intesa nazionale, dall’esercito nazionale libico e dall’ISIS.

??? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ?????? 20 ????? 2020. (????????)

Sirte è attualmente sotto il controllo dell’esercito nazionale libico, LNA, e lo è stato da quando hanno conquistato la città dal governo di accordo nazionale, GNA nel gennaio 2020.

Il governo di accordo nazionale sta ora guardando alla riconquista della città, nonostante l’annuncio del governo egiziano che Sirte è la loro “linea rossa”.

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